quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009

My First time ever on TILT

Eyes turning red, evil laugh coming out of me inability to see the fold button basically this was I went through a few minutes last night.

I have heard a lot about tilting but in my short time in poker (6 months around 50k hands) I had never felt what it was really like until yesterday.

It all started on a simple hand where I had 77 cold called a raise to a 3 way pot. I flopped my set on a 729R Board and after a raise from EP call from MP I re-raised and that took to EP shove + MP shove. I thought for a while but it seemed to me that the EP would have something like QQ-AA and MP could had 2 pair up to a set of 2 or 9s. Well I took it very well when I saw EP with QQ and MP with 99 but the 7 on the turn made me jump until I saw a 9 on the river.
Bad beat I thought knowing that I was already behind so it would be pure luck to win.
After that my flush made on the flop hit a FH on the river I had AA beat by a 4 card straight on the board against AJ, KK beat by AA and finally when I got KK again and shoved Pre flop, thing I never do since I raise strong but allowing people to come in I get called by KK and loose to a flush!

This triggered it and I started to shove flush draws never hitting raising trash pre-flop and a lot of more idiotic stuff that made me look like the greatest fish ever.

The only thing positive was that I managed to force my self to stop not even waiting for the orbit to finish leaving the loss on 15$ (NL2).

What do you guys do in this situations? just stop on the 3rd bad beat? continue like nothing happened? Break the screen? Call for Mommy?

DAM it felt bad!

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