quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009

My First time ever on TILT

Eyes turning red, evil laugh coming out of me inability to see the fold button basically this was I went through a few minutes last night.

I have heard a lot about tilting but in my short time in poker (6 months around 50k hands) I had never felt what it was really like until yesterday.

It all started on a simple hand where I had 77 cold called a raise to a 3 way pot. I flopped my set on a 729R Board and after a raise from EP call from MP I re-raised and that took to EP shove + MP shove. I thought for a while but it seemed to me that the EP would have something like QQ-AA and MP could had 2 pair up to a set of 2 or 9s. Well I took it very well when I saw EP with QQ and MP with 99 but the 7 on the turn made me jump until I saw a 9 on the river.
Bad beat I thought knowing that I was already behind so it would be pure luck to win.
After that my flush made on the flop hit a FH on the river I had AA beat by a 4 card straight on the board against AJ, KK beat by AA and finally when I got KK again and shoved Pre flop, thing I never do since I raise strong but allowing people to come in I get called by KK and loose to a flush!

This triggered it and I started to shove flush draws never hitting raising trash pre-flop and a lot of more idiotic stuff that made me look like the greatest fish ever.

The only thing positive was that I managed to force my self to stop not even waiting for the orbit to finish leaving the loss on 15$ (NL2).

What do you guys do in this situations? just stop on the 3rd bad beat? continue like nothing happened? Break the screen? Call for Mommy?

DAM it felt bad!

quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009


New month, new challenge.

I started November pretty much as I ended October, loosing buy in after buy in so I finally decided to tighten my game and see how it goes.

Last night I had a really good performance at NL2 making around 8$ over 300+ hands which is more or less au pair with some of my best days.

After I closed the tables, I decided to give a shot at NL2 6 Max and 2 tables of NL5.

It's the second time I try 6 max and again with awful results. The tables are way more aggressive then FR and 100 BBs there makes you in disadvantage against deep stacks that bully the tables and since I don't feel comfortable deep stacking 6 max, I think for now I will stay away. After 90 hands I ended up 3.80$ down specially because 2 times my KK broke against two pair. I don't fold KK on NL2 so almost 2 BI there.

NL5 ended up being exactly as NL2 FR, the same lack of Pre Flop Aggression from villains, the same calling stations not allowing too many bluffs and the same kind of donks calling 2 outers on the river and sometime hitting. On 1 table I ended up 8$ up and on the second, after struggling almost 4$ down I ended up loosing only 0.20c which made this shot return almost 2 BI over 200 hands which is very good I think. The only thing one needs to adapt here is getting used to the raise value, I mean, 4 BBs are 4 BBs but coming from NL2 where 0,20c is a very strong bet pre flop, it's not always easy to make the raise.

Feeling that I was playing good, and for the first time seeing that my stats where near the perfect zone (26/21/4.5), I decided to give a shot at NL10.
Well, I'm clearly not ready bankroll wise. Although I played good and ended up 1,5$, I realized that with 70$ bankroll I can't be on spots where I should go all in with 1/7 of my bankroll. Yesterday I had a spot like that where I had the 2nd possible nut and on the river I couldn't force my self to go all in so I betted only 2$ and won a 6$ pot where I could had one a 20$ one.

Well over and out for today!


Just making this post in order to upload my graph for the month.

segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

Day 10 and beyond

Whenever I started to follow other people's blogs, I always ended up thinking the same, this people only post when they are good! On my blog I wont be like that, I will keep posting because it's on the bad times one gets the most out of talking/writing things.

Well now I can say...I understand them!
On Downsizings, it's very hard to write anything.

Well day 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 came. I made my 10k hands and ended up 62$ up. When I say it like this, it sounds like a huge achievement. 31bb/100 is not bad at all on the contrary it's super good, means I have beaten the level and the only thing that keeps me from going up is my bankroll since I barely have 70$ and is way to short to go up. But on the other side I can't avoid the fact that I had 8 sessions on a row winning and 7 sessions on a row loosing and to be honest I can't find a way to put me up again.

Whenever I do some analysis on the hands I played I always find the same problems:
1. Too much spewing - I pay way to many $ on hands that I shouldn't even be playing.
2. Hero Calls - I had this problem almost removed but suddenly here it comes again. I call way too many times with the worst hand.
3. Draws - I pay way too many draws. Probably the main problem here is not knowing the pot odds / implied odds and calling on some spots I should fold but to be honest, I feel rather unlucky since I almost fail all my draws.
4. Not getting enough value from made hands - Whenever I have a hand I can't seem to extract the value I should. I have 7 out of the last 8 pocket Aces folded all around and the largest bet I made was 0.10c which is a bet I sometimes make on the button with Kx trying to steal the blinds and I end up getting called.
5. Bad Luck - Yes it exists but on a normal day you end up reducing the luck factor almost to 0 by playing well the rest but on a bad day your KK hitting AA or your QQ flopping Axx or Kxx just puts even more down.

Knowing my problems should be a great spot to start inverting things but even if I can revert the 2 first problems and tune up the third, the fact is that 4, 5 and even 3 were big money makers for me and those I can't control.

One thing I must do is post more hands both here and on 2p2 and let people explain me what I should do better. Another thing that helps is posting because at least you can think about things and that's always +EV.

For now I think I will re-read all the things I've read before about Micro stakes and stop playing cash for at least 1 week.

segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2009

Day 9

Well, what can I say...this day had to come!
-$9.53 over 1,421 hands!

Last night I blew up every expectation I had of reaching the 125$ over 10k hands and I did it in style.
I could take shelter in variance but I don't think that would be the right thing to do. I also could omit the results and feign that the session never happened but that wouldn't count towards my goal either and would only make things a fraud so I better just assume it and try to understand what happened.
It's true that I had my AA beaten by Q8 making a straight, it's also true twice my KK encountered AA and my QQ found a KK but it's also true that I made huge mistakes.
I made mistakes evaluating the hands of others, I made mistakes making hero calls a problem I thought I had fixed, I did mistakes going on to much games with marginal hands and had my TPLK beaten by TPTK but above all, my greatest mistake was not knowing when to stop.
As you can see in the spreadsheet, I played 1400+ hands over 3 hours, an amazing 430+ hands per hour, having up to 14 tables at the same time. I feel that I can handle it and that was not the major leak yesterday, although it feels strange because with 14 tables you go all in on one table and you hardly can see the output...you wont probably remember where you did it lol.
The night started very nice rising up to 4$ on 9 tables, after a while I was on 9$ with only 400 hands played but after that the mistakes started to come and I went bellow 0 very fast and I stood there on -2, -3 a lot of time waiting for the big hands. Some came but when I hit no one was willing to pay me and then some of those hands made a big part of my loss like I explained. At around 1300 hands I reached 0 and I really should had stopped there if not before but I wanted to go on and I close almost all the tables staying only on the winning ones and the Armageddon came a some stupid calls along with bad beats took me to where I ended.

I will try to take 2 lessons out of last night.
1st I must stop when I see my game affected by losses. At the very least I must make a break.
2nd I have to take things lighter, meaning the spreadsheet is a nice goal but it demands me to beat the level by 62.5 BB/100 which I have made sometimes but it's an extremely high value. I'm on 51.9 BB/100 which is a very high value that before I started this I wouldn't dream possible so even if I fail the goal which I will probably fail, it has been a great month!

Off to work now, tonight I probably wont play because I need to "loose" at least one hour looking at last night mistakes.

domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Day 8

Another nice session in NL2.
My goal is close I'm starting to feel the 125$ over 10k hands is possible or at least will be very close.

Last night I broke my record of hands per hour doing 327 that's something like 6 tables steady at the same time, although I mostly had 9 tables opened with some periods with only 6 and at the and I stood only on the 3 I was winning the most to try to take some profit over some spewers without great success I must add because I ended up loosing 4$ on those 3 tables compared to if I had stopped on the time I should.
This is a rule I must enforce, stipulate a time for the session and only play that time.
Back on the point, I did 1096 hands over 3 hours and 20 minutes winning $13.35, a little above my goal but not too much.

Interesting things happened last night, a complete agro guy was raising all in with almost any two cards on a table that quickly rose to the 1# place in VPIP$ and average pot on PS lobby. I went against this guy several times, whenever I found my self to have a hand ahead of his range but he was just too lucky, not only with me but with everyone. The guy lost around 15 all ins always reloading with 1$ and after a while he was on 20$ which according to my HUD still made his session like -8$.
Here's one and I lost to him and one I won:
Poker Stars $2.00 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players - View hand 328847

The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

MP2: $1.54

Hero (CO): $11.51

BTN: $0.67

SB: $2.96

BB: $3.00

UTG: $7.16

UTG+1: $5.00

UTG+2: $3.06

MP1: $5.67

Pre Flop: ($0.03) Hero is CO with 4 of clubs 4 of spades

UTG raises to $7.16, 4 folds, Hero calls $7.16, 3 folds

Flop: ($14.35) 3 of hearts 8 of spades K of spades (2 players)

Turn: ($14.35) 7 of clubs (2 players)

River: ($14.35) 6 of diamonds (2 players)

Final Pot: $14.35

Hero shows 4 of clubs 4 of spades

UTG shows T of diamonds 9 of diamonds

UTG wins $13.65

(Rake: $0.70)

Poker Stars $2.00 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players - View hand 328854

The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

UTG: $1.34

Hero (UTG+1): $5.24

UTG+2: $0.67

MP1: $2.95

MP2: $3.00

CO: $17.85

BTN: $4.88

SB: $3.00

BB: $5.67

Pre Flop: ($0.03) Hero is UTG+1 with 8 of hearts 8 of clubs

1 fold, Hero calls $0.02, 3 folds, CO raises to $17.85, 3 folds, Hero calls $5.22 all in

Flop: ($10.51) T of spades T of diamonds J of spades (2 players - 1 is all in)

Turn: ($10.51) Q of clubs (2 players - 1 is all in)

River: ($10.51) T of clubs (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $10.51

Hero shows 8 of hearts 8 of clubs

CO shows 7 of diamonds 7 of spades

Hero wins $10.01

(Rake: $-12.11)

sábado, 17 de outubro de 2009

Day 7

Well like I said on the post before, I'm not changing my play style until 10k hands so I played a 9 table 2 hour session yesterday on PS with 32/12/3.

The session started normal with a few losses due to not being respected at the tables and my cbets being called. I also always start a little shy not entering that many pots and not playing so aggressively like I use to.
After around 140 hands, things went in place and I went positive for the session. For the rest of the time my graph like you can see kept rising bit by bit with the occasional jump of an All In winning.

As you can see I ended up with an amazing $28.20 over 688 hands which is my personal best and to be honest pretty amazing.

Here's some crude analysis:
  • I saw the flop 226 hands out of 260 were I put money (87%). The 39 I didn't see the flop, I lost 0.34c and won 0.52c having a positive balance of $0.18c.
  • I went All In 13 times in 226 hand (6%), loosing 5 times (42%) a total of $4.16 and winning 7 (58%) times a total of $20.64 having a positive balance of $16.48. The All In winnings represent 58% of the night winnings. 
  • I went to showdown 51 out of 226 (23%) hands loosing 33 hands (51%) a total of $5.32 and winning 31 (49%) a total of $13.75 having a positive balance of $8.43. The net showdown winnings represent 30% of the night winnings.
  • I  went in 162 hands (71%) that finished without showdown . I lost 89 hands (55%) a total of $5.44 and won 73 hands (45%) a total of $9.69 having a positive balance of $4.25. The net showdown winnings represent 14% of the night winnings.

From what I see I won all the big all ins, only loosing some light ones I called given the short stack of the villain and 2 of them I lost where I had a high +EV. As a final note on the All Ins, I had +EV on all I lost for a total of $5.05.
My bluffs make me stay positive on the non showdown winnings and when I get to showdown I'm sure to win about half of them and extract value from them controlling the pot on most of the others.

All in all a great day I don't know If I can repeat.

PS: I'm finally above my plan :D

Im I a Donk?

Yesterday I was reading a post on 2p2 about "The Three Basic Fish Types" and I found my self to be a loose passive preflop agrodonk posflop.
I have been wondering about my stats a while because they are far from the 22/18 they should be in order to be a TAG a competently beat the level. My stats are around 29/11 witch indicates I see too many flops and I see them passively, that is, not raising them as I should do and mainly because I limp in with marginal hands. The thing is my post flop aggression, around 40% on flop, 50% on turn and 35% on river. This means I bet/raise a lot, even OOP.
Well, it seems to work given that a lot and I mean a lot of people at NL2 fold to aggression even with the best hand. I'm starting to think that NL2 is filled with a lot of people that like me lost their first 2/3 deposits and now are trying to TAG their way up but end up playing weak tight folding better hands to bully's like me.

Here you have an example:
Poker Stars $2.00 No Limit Hold'em - 7 players - View hand 327484

The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

UTG: $2.97

UTG+1: $1.45

MP: $7.63

CO: $5.73

BTN: $4.63

Hero (SB): $5.60

BB: $0.82

Pre Flop: ($0.03) Hero is SB with 2 of hearts 7 of diamonds

1 fold, UTG+1 calls $0.02, 3 folds, Hero raises to $0.08, BB calls $0.06, UTG+1 calls $0.06

Flop: ($0.24) 5 of clubs 3 of clubs 3 of spades (3 players)

Hero bets $0.12, BB folds, UTG+1 calls $0.12

Turn: ($0.48) Q of hearts (2 players)

Hero checks, UTG+1 checks

River: ($0.48) A of diamonds (2 players)

Hero bets $0.12, UTG+1 folds

Final Pot: $0.48

Hero wins $0.48

I only did this because I knew the player already folded too many times to aggression and to prove a friend of mine that poker is not mainly luck, it's more then that.

Well, I'm not bragging, on the contrary, I know I have a leak here and I need to fix it. Because of that I made a post on 2p2 and after some replies I decided I'm going to keep this style of play until my 10k hands, but after that I'm not moving up to NL5 like I planned, instead I'm doing 10k more at NL2 but changing the play style.

terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Day 6

Although some opportunities may arise in poker like in life, the most important thing is to maintain the focus and follow the pre-designed plans. In situations where the plan may not hold anymore or may need some changes, what we should do is re-design it and start following the new plan.
I'm not ready to NL10 mainly because my poker skills are not enough and my bankroll is clearly bellow average.
I have earned the bonus I wanted, and I'm close to the new bonus but that's about all the time I'm giving to NL10...for now!

So...Here I am back to my plan!

Day 6 started hot!
Out of NL10 and it's aggression levels, one comes to NL2 and sees PFR of 0.04c and thinks...omg 2 minutes ago I was trying to squeeze my way to the flop paying only 0.10c and before you notice it you are a bully raising and raising and picking up dead money and even putting people on hard spots where they fold to your air because no one bets there without a strong hand.
Like I was saying, it started hot 50 hands 4$ up 200 hands 8$ up and then happened one of those thins that makes poker fun. I spot a player tilting and going all in and I managed to isolate that player 3 times in a row by raising hard pre flop. On the first two I couldn't respond to his all in because the flop hit his range more then mine but on the third having 2 pairs on flop I called and showed ATo vs J5s on a ATQ rainbow, needless to say K came on river and he doubled up to 2$. Next hand I get AA and raised his PFR making him 4bet me to go all in and have my aces being pwned by 22 doubling him up again to 4$. The guy continued all in again and doubled yet one more time against another player leaving the table right then...well not all is bad, I still have his name :)
After this strange beat I had some good hands smashed and lost a bit of focus but I was able to get a grip and finish on a nice 11,52$ over 700+ hands.

NL2 is my home for now and will be for a while :)

segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2009

A little detour

Last couple of days, I've been away from PS to test something at FTP.
I used the link here in my blog and created a FTP account where I deposited 140$.
My goal was to make 100 FPP's and that way unblock the affiliate program 75$ bonus.
To achieve this I have been playing at NL10 a level witch I clearly don't master but where my results aren't that bad.
The first session I played 1 table and quickly won 12$. I opened 5 more tables to end with a 23$ up session...I was :O WOW.
The next day I 4 tabled and in a session where I was initially up bu 3$ I ended down by 7$.
The third session I 6 tabled again and after 1 hour I was up bu 12$ but a series of poor decision and worst then that, a series of hero call's I don't even make anymore on NL2 made me end the session 17$ down...pretty lame.
Overall in 3 days I lost 2$ but got my 100 points so I'm getting 75$ back witch makes things overall good. I will probably try one or two more sessions because I'm now 110 point away from a 35$ bonus so I guess I have 35$ to "spend" :P

My goal is and will remain to succeed at PS NL2. This week I will return and hopefully stronger then before.

sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2009

Day 5

This session I tryed to play as many as 9 tables at the same time and I must say that it wasn't that difficult. The main problem for me is not being able to focus so much on some CBETs and because of that some of the dead money I like to pick up goes away but I think that can be compensated with more set mining and more premium hands. Apart from that, the only problem I foresee in playing 9+ tables is...how the hell do I go to the bathroom??? As soon as I started to move towards it rooms began to flash and beep. I even set up the reflective door of my closet in order to see what hands I had and they were always playable hands so, back to the chair.

As to the session itself it started sky high with 5$ profit on the first 200 hands but at the end it came down to 3.58 after 862 hands witch is a lot bellow my desired goal but at least it was another positive session for me and the total winnings rise to 38$ so far after 5 sessions / 3851 hands.

I really need to stop a day or two and Anallise my hands.

quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009

Day 4

I'm glad this day came!

I had to say it although it hurts but the truth is that when after a pause to study the game you come back and start running hot at 70-100 BB's/100 you begin to think that you figured things out and that from now on the road to success is clean, wide and without obstacles. Well Poker just like life ain't like that. And sometimes a reality check it's a more important lesson then a lot of reading.

Enough with the philosophy and let's see what happened.
I started the day bad, really bad. Although I was for the first time on correct VPIP$ / PFR levels (around 21/19), my cards weren't holding up.
I got a lot of AQ/AJ/KQ/KJ/JT most of the times I played them in position and with the raises they deserve but at the end the villain was always hitting something and my cards weren't holding up. I started to go negative for the first time and for most of the session I was loosing 1-2$. Sometimes I recovered to -0.80$ for example but next thing I noticed I was down 2$+ again. In the last 100 hands some value cards finally came like my first AA, my first QQ, a KK that for the first time wasn't folded to me after a 4 BB raise and a set I finally was able to mine and that summed up not only I recovered from the red line but I went up for 2.76$ for the session witch in the end makes me very happy because it showed me that maybe it wasn't everything my fault.

I didn't had time to Anallise the hands yet but I can tell that my biggest mistakes were three:
1. I CBET a lot with air and I even double/triple barrel some times. This is not wrong, what is wrong is when the villain cold calls or check/raises me, I need to get out sooner. I lost a lot of 0.80$/0.65$ pots that summed up make a lot. Like I read on 2p2 one day, at this level if someone tells you they have something...believe him!
2. Again the limping! After my start on the right VPIP$ / PFR levels I saw things going down on earnings so I started to limp more and more. That cost me 2 x KK folded all around to my 0.04 raise.
3. FOCUS! I can't play without focus, at least not for now. I believe that people that have a lot of practice can play 10 - 18 tables without almost paying attention but I can't play 4-6 tables without being focused because when I'm not I make a lot of bad decisions.

I will post some hands later in the day.

terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2009

Day 3

Another good day in uNL. I've made a total of 11.55$ over 563 hands in 3h.10m.

I'm getting more confident although I still feel I'm making some -EV$ plays.
Tonight I'm very tired but tomorrow I will dedicate some time to Hold'em Manager and try to find out what I could do different.

On the other hand, I feel I'm starting to loosen up on some factors like not paying real attention whether if a lot of money is at stake if I feel I'm ahead. I've been raising more, limping less although I still don't know how to react to a raise on a hand that I would raise if folded/limped to me.
My VPIP$ is still very high but that is mainly because I'm limping the following:
- Low pocket pairs(22-99) for set mining.
- Suited connectors (23-9T) for straight mining. I will do this specially if a bully is at my table.
- A2-A9s. I limp about 30% of them.
- A2-A9o.I limp about 10% of them.
- Gaped Connectors. I rather not talk about this insanity moments
- Suited heavey gapped cards...they are so beautiful...ok I really must start to play on a two colour deck.
Here is the analysis for my limped pocket pairs:

Pre Flop Status
Pocket Pairs










1 Limper






2+ Limper's




1 Raiser




2+ Raisers




It's a short sample but it's the way I play them and I realy would like to change somethings like, raise more, limp less but I feel that whem I'm mining I should save money although I know that if I build the pot not only if I hit the set, the earnings will be bigger but it will put me in a better position to cbet and make better hands fold like I almost always do when I play a HU pot.
In this sample I only mined a set 2 times out of 17 that gives me 1:8 odds on mining  witch are better then the 1:10 average I would have on a bigger sample. On the ones I mined, I got some $ out of them, on the others, I cbet + double barrelled my way to the pot on the HU plays and folded on the others.

I would like to show a special hand witch HM gives me -0.96 EV $ Diff and 83.2 equity. I made this call based on the following factors:
1. He had previously overvalued TPTK
2. The PFR Action made me think that he could have 22-TT AK-AT KQ-KT QJ JT
3. The Flop bet made me put him on A6 AT TT Ax Any 2 Spades.

Given this, I decided I would be WB on TT but WA on everything else even the set mining.

What did I not took in consideration to make my call:
1- Implied Odds
2- Reverse Implied Odds

Now the question...what would you do, did I overdo-it and won on pure luck?

Here's the hand:
Poker Stars $2.00 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players - View hand 315738

The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

Hero (UTG): $2.84

UTG+1: $1.97

UTG+2: $10.02

MP1: $3.74

MP2: $5.41

CO: $3.33

BTN: $2.66

SB: $1.01

BB: $2.62

Pre Flop: ($0.03) Hero is UTG with 6 of clubs 6 of spades

Hero calls $0.02, UTG+1 raises to $0.06, UTG+2 calls $0.06, 2 folds, CO calls $0.06, 1 fold, SB calls $0.05, 1 fold, Hero calls $0.04

Flop: ($0.32) A of clubs 6 of diamonds T of clubs (5 players)

SB bets $0.06, Hero calls $0.06, UTG+1 folds, UTG+2 calls $0.06, CO raises to $3.27, SB folds, Hero calls $2.72 all in, UTG+2 folds

Turn: ($6.00) 8 of hearts (2 players - 1 is all in)

River: ($6.00) 3 of spades (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $6.00

Hero shows 6 of clubs 6 of spades

CO shows A of hearts T of hearts

Hero wins $5.70

(Rake: $-0.19)

Where to play online

As a newbie, one of the most difficult things I had to decide was, were to start playing.
It's easy to find great promotions, hell even in this page you can click a banner and create an account on Full Tilt or PokerStars and get great promotions (please do!).
But the realy important question is:
Witch one is the best?
In my opinion, both of the sites I advertise here are great. In PS you can get realy realy cheap buy in rooms like 0.01/0.02 NL or tournaments starting at...0.01!!!! It's great to have a go at real money poker and not risking that much.
On FTP the limits are a little higher but on the other hand if you are a winning player you will get more rakeback money and you will complete your bonus way faster. Also I think the S&G at FTP are easier and better rewarded.

That's my 2 cents :)

sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

Day 2

Tonight I played 2 different sessions one that went very well playing 4/5 tables and wining above my estimated goal and another that went good but bellow my goal as you can see on the spreadsheet. In this second session I didn't focus so much because I tryed to play 8 tables at the same time...I think I can do it but it requires me to get a bit more trained on the hands I must play in position. By the end of the session I had one of those little plaisures that Poker gives you, I closed all my tables and stayed in one where a French guy kept bullying everyone and braging about how he made everyone fold with 27o. In my HM the guy was loosing 6$ already with a VPIP of 90% and a PFR of 85% so I waited a good hand.
here it is:
Poker Stars $2.00 No Limit Hold'em - 8 players - View hand 311205

The Official DeucesCracked.com Hand History Converter

Hero (MP2): $3.30

CO: $4.92

BTN: $3.61

SB: $2.78

BB: $7.58

UTG: $2.17

UTG+1: $4.17

MP1: $2.97

Pre Flop: ($0.03) Hero is MP2 with Q of clubs K of spades

2 folds, MP1 calls $0.02, Hero calls $0.02, 1 fold, BTN calls $0.02, SB raises to $0.70, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.68, 1 fold

Flop: ($1.46) Q of diamonds 9 of clubs 7 of hearts (2 players)

SB bets $0.48, Hero raises to $2.60, SB calls $1.60 all in

Turn: ($5.62) J of hearts (2 players - 1 is all in)

River: ($5.62) T of clubs (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $5.62

Hero shows Q of clubs K of spades

SB shows 8 of diamonds 6 of hearts

Hero wins $5.37

(Rake: $0.25)

The road to move up continues