segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

Day 10 and beyond

Whenever I started to follow other people's blogs, I always ended up thinking the same, this people only post when they are good! On my blog I wont be like that, I will keep posting because it's on the bad times one gets the most out of talking/writing things.

Well now I can say...I understand them!
On Downsizings, it's very hard to write anything.

Well day 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 came. I made my 10k hands and ended up 62$ up. When I say it like this, it sounds like a huge achievement. 31bb/100 is not bad at all on the contrary it's super good, means I have beaten the level and the only thing that keeps me from going up is my bankroll since I barely have 70$ and is way to short to go up. But on the other side I can't avoid the fact that I had 8 sessions on a row winning and 7 sessions on a row loosing and to be honest I can't find a way to put me up again.

Whenever I do some analysis on the hands I played I always find the same problems:
1. Too much spewing - I pay way to many $ on hands that I shouldn't even be playing.
2. Hero Calls - I had this problem almost removed but suddenly here it comes again. I call way too many times with the worst hand.
3. Draws - I pay way too many draws. Probably the main problem here is not knowing the pot odds / implied odds and calling on some spots I should fold but to be honest, I feel rather unlucky since I almost fail all my draws.
4. Not getting enough value from made hands - Whenever I have a hand I can't seem to extract the value I should. I have 7 out of the last 8 pocket Aces folded all around and the largest bet I made was 0.10c which is a bet I sometimes make on the button with Kx trying to steal the blinds and I end up getting called.
5. Bad Luck - Yes it exists but on a normal day you end up reducing the luck factor almost to 0 by playing well the rest but on a bad day your KK hitting AA or your QQ flopping Axx or Kxx just puts even more down.

Knowing my problems should be a great spot to start inverting things but even if I can revert the 2 first problems and tune up the third, the fact is that 4, 5 and even 3 were big money makers for me and those I can't control.

One thing I must do is post more hands both here and on 2p2 and let people explain me what I should do better. Another thing that helps is posting because at least you can think about things and that's always +EV.

For now I think I will re-read all the things I've read before about Micro stakes and stop playing cash for at least 1 week.

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